Almecon – a revolution in flooring


For years, Almecon has existed as an exclusive product. Specially reserved for a handful of lucky commercial clients, it remained largely unavailable to the general market.


Today, residential, commercial and industrial customers around the country have access to this truly incredible flooring system, which is changing the way people think about their floors.


A unique, thin-bed polished concrete solution, Almecon flooring can be installed in as little as 4mm thickness, yet thanks to superior materials and construction, it remains unbelievably tough and long-lasting. This allows Almecon to be installed over a variety of surfaces, including existing concrete, tiles and even timber boards.


Completely customisable, no two Almecon floors look the same, as the freedom to create your own design with almost any raw materials, gives you endless opportunity. From precious gemstones and crystals, to natural pebbles and stones, Almecon floors are designed to suit your space and your vision.


When you contact an Almecon flooring representative, we will take the time to listen to your design vision and work with you to create a floor that is stylish, affordable and guaranteed to last long into the future.


One concept, endless application


Versatile and hard-wearing, Almecon flooring can suit almost any space, here are some examples of our unique projects and capabilities.


Large-scale residential

During the remodeling of an apartment, Almecon supplied polished concrete floor to all areas. With limited space available, a strict 12mm thick application was used. Featuring a beautiful stone finish, the floor added a new level of character to the building.


Shop fitting

One of many boutique cafés fitted by Almecon, this popular Greek café in Melbourne’s Oakleigh specified that we create a replica of a real floor in Greece using raw materials sourced directly from the country.


Public Space

This Italian Piazza-inspired floor consists of imported Italian white marble and sits stunningly in a busy arcade in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn. Using a thick 25mm system and a water resistant finishing, this floor maintains a beautiful luster while withstanding heavy daily use.


Healing and well-being

Using healing and vibrational crystals, Almecon flooring can make a cohesive addition to spiritual and well-being spaces. In this project, we created a floor in a spa and healing room. Using special crystals in different parts of the floor, we worked with the Practitioner to create a harmony of energy in the room to support various therapies.



No matter the brief, Almecon can tailor a floor to suit the style of your home or getaway. For this project, we were asked to create an organic, pure black polished finish with an earth-based oxide tone, to complement the style in this stunning beach house.


Has Almecon captured your imagination? Contact us, to find out more information about our products.




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