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Projects - New Quay Docklands

Location: Water City, Docklands Precinct
Planned completion: February 2006
Actual Completion: January 2006
Value: $50,000
Client: N/A
Products Used:
Concrete with additional aggregate


Water City, Docklands Precinct   Methodology:

Installed concrete to required depth with additional aggregate used to enable exposure for polished concrete effect. Finally a polyurethane system was implemented to ensure the glossy look for the polished concrete.
Water City, Docklands Precinct   Job Description:
Clients required a unique look to various cafés and restaurants; shying away from traditions vinyl and tiling options. The exposed aggregate in the concrete provides the ‘stoney’ effect whilst the polyurethane is responsible for creating the polished finished.
Select Coatings were charged with briefing the client as to possible techniques in order to achieve the optimal finish. It was decided a polished concrete effect would be both appealing to the eye of the diner whilst also ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency.


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