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Projects - Melbourne Cricket Ground

Location: Yarra Park, Jolimont Street, East Melbourne
Planned completion: Five separate stages,
June 2004 to March 2006
Actual Completion: February 2006
Value: $3.8 million
Client: Grocon Pty Ltd
Products Used:
Water based epoxy
100% Epoxy coating system
Premium 100% epoxy coating system
Epoxy trowel system


Melbourne Cricket Ground   Methodology:

Roll coat water based epoxy to all stairways, plats (under seats) and rises (behind seats). A 100% epoxy coating system was applied to all concourse areas which are primarily used for foot traffic and small machinery. Premium 100% epoxy system was used in food court and public areas. Epoxy trowel system applied to all cool rooms, kegs, storage areas, bin chutes and loading docks. Finally Select Coatings applied polyurethane to ground concrete areas to create polished concrete effect.
Melbourne Cricket Ground   Job Description:
The MCG Redevelopment will represent a new level of excellence in sports stadium infrastructure in Australia as a result of the outstanding workmanship delivered on site. With a new capacity of over 100,000 to be delivered by March for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, the MCG will once again play host to top flight international sporting events.
Select Coatings has been responsible for the entire coating of the newly developed Northern and Ponsford Stands, whilst also incorporating concourses and walkways for foot traffic. Cool rooms and polished concrete areas are other major areas of the MCG to be serviced by Select Coatings.


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