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Projects - Skilled Stadium

Location: Kardinia Park, South Geelong
Planned completion: May 2005
Actual Completion: May 1st 2005
Value: $28 million
Client: Kane Constructions
Products Used:
Water based epoxy
100% Epoxy coating system
Premium 100% epoxy coating system


Skilled Stadium   Methodology:

Roll coat water based epoxy to all stairways, plats (under seats) and rises (behind seats). A 100% epoxy coating system was applied to all concourse areas which are primarily used for foot traffic and small machinery. Premium 100% epoxy system was used in all toilet and bathroom areas to provide maximum protection and cleaning efficiency.
Skilled Stadium   Job Description:
The Skilled Stadium Eastern Stand Redevelopment represents a new level of excellence in sports stadium infrastructure for the Greater Geelong Region. With a new capacity of 28,000, Skilled Stadium represents a new era of professionalism and sustained economic benefit for the entire community.
Select Coatings were responsible for the entire coating of the newly developed Eastern Stand, whilst also incorporating concourses and walkways for foot traffic. Rises and toilets were finished with a 100% solid epoxy by Select Coatings.


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